About Us

Gokul, a Brand started in the year 1991, which has a vast experience in the Cashew Processing is widely known for the Quality Cashews across India. With over 26 years of experience Gokul has been a pioneer in adapting to latest technology in its day to day operation with the intention of serving its Customers.

In 2004, Gokul has diversified its operation in the name of Gokul Fruits Pvt Ltd. to enter to retail segment. With that, Gokul Fruits took a large step in implementing a new technology of Vacuum Fry which is the first time to adopt this technology in India with the idea of providing quality Ready to eat items as Snacks to Customers.

Vacuum Frying is a unique manufacturing process, which allows the products to retain its original contents like Colour, Aroma, Flavour, Proteins, Vitamins and Carbohydrates. The products are not Oxidized, and consumes minimal oil and also the products are more Tastier and Crispier when compared to traditionally fried items. Gokul Fruits takes added precautions while manufacturing to provide Hygiene and Quality products.

Gokul Fruits with the unique Vacuum Frying Process has given never seen or tasted quality products like Ripe Jackfruit Chips, Okra (Bendi), Bitter Gourd, Kabul Channa, White Chora (Black Eye Beans) etc. Also Gokul manufactures traditional South Indian Snack like Chakkuli (Murukku) with 5 different flavours.

The added advantages of Gokul Fruits are, all the products manufactured are Zero Cholesterol making them Healthier for everyone to Consume with Heart’s Content.